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Re: Playing old DOS games on OSX via VNC?

in DOS
Thanks for the replies. Due to a current medical condition I can't sit in front of a computer screen (my gaming machines(s) for very long. So I've been using my MBP laptop in different recliners, etc. Anyway ... I just discovered DOSBox (thanks for the tip ... and the help files here on Vogons!) so …

Playing old DOS games on OSX via VNC?

in DOS
Hope this is the correct forum to post this. If not ... I apologize. I use RealVNC to connect to an XP PC from an OSX Macbook Pro (MBP) for playing Windows games. This works well for me because it allows me to be anywhere in the house playing the game on my MBP as long as the XP PC is turned on. I'd …

Diamond Stealth64 Video 3200 - no beep, no boot

Hello ... I have an old Diamond Stealth64 Video 3200 graphics card (2mb PCI VRAM) that I would like to use for some older DOS and Windows games. When I insert in a PCI slot of an old Compudyne AC 486SX/25 PGA motherboard, I get no beep and no boot (I can't get to CMOS/BIOS). Nor is the monitor …

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