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Re: WinGPT, AI chat bot for Windows 3.1

Wow TLS 1.2 and 1.3 on Windows 3.1x.... 😮 There is a possibility of a functional browser without a proxy. And it will be the most secure. Today no hackers, malware and viruses know about 16bit Windows enviroment. 🤣 Forget 2FA. Bank online with Windows 3.1 and only take money out of cash machines …

Re: Apple M1 computer SSD

in Milliways
It Appears to be that Apple is intentionally hacking up its computers to make them run slower in order To Milk its customer base to get them to fork out more money to purchase the fully functional computers. It doesn't appear that way - it is that way. It's just not perceptable for those trapped …

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