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Re: Motherboards with integrated LEGACY audio

There are a few Slot-1 and Socket 370 motherboards with a Yamaha YMF740 onboard, which is SBPro compatible with a built-in geniune OPL3 FM synth. A quick Google search finds: Slot 1: Intel SE440BX-2 Soyo SY-6IBM PRM-0084I ZX- DTK Computer Socket 370: Soyo SY-7IZM Epox EP-ZX370Y Gemlight P6BIMG

Re: Yamaha YMF7x4 3.3V PCI cards?

Is it safe to mod a 5v only card to work in a 3.3v slot? I wouldn't want to fry a motherboard. I can tell you that the alix1e's manual cautions against it. If you actually put 5V onto any pin that's expecting 3.3V, then yes, damage is likely. Supplying 5V to the card independently from the PCI slot …

Re: Yamaha YMF7x4 3.3V PCI cards?

A lot has happened since I last posted. I purchased that "SuperGrace" YMF724F-V sound card with the 3.3V notch, and it didn't work, most likely because the YMF724 requires a digital 3.3V supply but 5V for I/O . I looked at the datasheet for the YMF7 4 4, and lo and behold, it supports 3.3V for both …

Re: Yamaha YMF7x4 3.3V PCI cards?

cyclone3d wrote: Somebody has a few YMF724 based cards for sale on eBay that will work in 3.3v and 5v PCI slots: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Yamaha-724-XG-YMF724 … 24/254017434013 Has anybody had prior experience with Super Grace products? I have never heard of them before.

Yamaha YMF7x4 3.3V PCI cards?

I’m building a mini retro gaming machine that only has a single 3.3V PCI slot. Its on-board audio does not have legacy SoundBlaster support, so I’m looking at PCI sound cards. That single slot cannot take 5V PCI cards, and most Yamaha YMF7x4 cards are 5V only. Here’s a link showing how 5V and 3.3V …

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