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Re: Voodoo Banshee compatible memory chips

What are the part numbers of the memory chips on your Banshee and on the potential donor boards? Same package is a good start but there are some other important parameters that need to be matched up as well Here they are, the most top one is RAM chip on voodoo card, others are from ATI and Matrox. …

Voodoo Banshee compatible memory chips

I have a problematic Banshee card, it seems to have one or more bad RAM chips (shifting color bars on display). I have also couple common cheap graphics cards that have visually same memory chips (same amount of legs) but different manufacturer. Can i use these chips on Voodoo card for repair?

Re: Sound Blaster 16 Clones

keropi wrote on 2021-11-03, 21:51: Dang.... I am all out of ideas 🙁 No problem, i can live with it, i just need to hit ESC on every boot. 😀 My wild guess is, that this card was originally sold with specific driver package and software. There is probably some mute "switch" that needs to be triggered …

Re: Sound Blaster 16 Clones

just making sure when you run ALSCONFIG and you save the settings the program creates an ALS.INI in the ALSCONFIG directory let's assume that said directory is the default C:\ALSOUND so you need this line for ALSINIT to use this config: ALSINIT C:\ALSOUND this does not work for you? Yes, alsconfig …

Re: Sound Blaster 16 Clones

I was eventially able to cofigure the card in pure dos with no windows install. You can change IRQs and DMAs with the ALS config tool, however if your card isn't detected using dosinit you cannot use config. I don't have any experience with those other tools, maybe I should take a look at them in …

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