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Re: Full pack of drivers for SB Live! value?

I did try Creative and could not find that, I guess my fault was in trusting Google with the results. Every package I find does not have the Soundfont manager or the DOS support pack, I don't really understand it. From the page you sent me, this seems to be like what I need: Sound Blaster (Live! …

Full pack of drivers for SB Live! value?

I'm confused as to what to get to install fully my SB Live! value on my Windows 98 system. There's a TON of files in vogonsdrivers: http://www.vogonsdrivers.com/index.php?catid=7 But I am confused as to what would work and what would not. From bits and pieces here and there, I managed to get some …

Re: ESS Allegro sound mixer for DOS?

Been a while but I tried these and they don’t work with my particular hardware. I really need this because none of the mixers I tried work, I need to be able to enable and set the volume of the line in input! Hopefully someone has the install disks for this card?

ESS Allegro sound mixer for DOS?

Hello everyone, I found a Compaq Presario with an ESS Allegro sound device in it, and I managed to make it all work except teh audio mixer. I cannot find an ESS Allegro specific mixer for it, and the ones I used (SB Pro mixer, bccvol, Crystal's cwbmix) don't seem to work. Every time after I set the …

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