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Re: Dragonsphere

As I said, VDMSound 1.0 (!) will run Dragonsphere fine. VDMSound 1.0 will not conflict with 2.1.0 bu you must run 1.x manually from the command prompt just before the game. V.

Re: joy.maps/using special keys of USB Joystick

dos only knows 4 buttons; some flight sims allow for combinations of buttons to represent diferent functions, and vdmsound can map individual buttons from today's 40-button joysticks to emulated DOS 4-button combinations. if your app doesn't support this then you need a joy2key-like app. v.

Re: vddloader message

The .pif is OK (new and different one is generated everytime anyway), but files pointed to by the pif are not OK. make sure your username does not contain non-latin characters, windows doesn't like it - or change your TEMP environment variable to point somewhere else where this problem wouldn't …

Re: VDMSound won't work (freezes with errors)

no. that program actually renders vdmsound completely useless, it opens up the ports to talk directly to the harwdare and bypasses the emulation. works for adlib if you have an adlib chip on an isa board, but will almost surely foobar your computer if you try to open up other sb ports or all ports …

Re: Program being used problem

Neither VDMSound nor any of your filter programs have anything to do with the problem you're experiencing. Some other crap inside Explorer - virus scanner? - opens the files and doesn't close them, vdmsound doesn't open the file it just tells Windows to run it and that is that. V.

Re: VDMS from other apps

you should be able to run a .vlp file by either calling into the Shell API execut or whatevre it's called, the shell will automatically figure out the Open" command for it and invoke the DLL, or by spawning "start blabla.vlp" from your app (does the same thing.) V.

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