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Re: What retro hardware you killed today or in the past :(. Killing spree stories+serial killers are welcome.Rest in pie

This happened last year, but I got a dead AGP 7800gs that didn't display any output, so I figured I'd try cooking it back to life. So I wrap the card in foil, and place it over a stovetop heater to preheat the card, and then to hit the gpu with a heatgun later. Normally I place the card on a small …

Re: Graphics card for Pentium III 1ghz

Geforce2 gts or Gf3 ti200. With Nvidia, you want cards that can use a wide range of drivers earlier than 45 release, because newer drivers tend to break compatibility. Also the FX series doesn't have texel center adjustment in the control panel, so some games will have blurry text and UI.

Re: Win98SE + P4 Build

Nice to see my recommendation in action. The SB Live has decent FM music emulation in DOS, not 100% authentic, but better than some other attempts. If it doesn't sound right using the "sound blaster" option in a game, it typically sounds more authentic using the "adlib" option. Just be sure to …

Re: Radeon 9550 and Intel 440bx motherboard?

I saw a few Universal AGP Radeon "9550" selling on ebay, and suspected they were actually mislabeled 9200, which are supposed to be universally keyed. Even that label on the back of your card looks sketchy, like some seller might have printed it himself and slapped it on. I would recommend testing …

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