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Re: CVS Builds By AEP

I had to setup the compileenvironment again 😒 I updated the build, and I think i used some more compiler optimizations than before. Maybe anyone could confirm that the new build is faster than the old ones.

Re: CVS Builds (once a week)

I should realy get rid of this ugly php-links ,) and no, my builds aren't dead - I just forgot it last week ;) I'll update them again later today. Maybe some staff member may add my page to the linksektion? As there is no need to register to get the build or something like this, and the dosbox cvs …

Sourceforge CVS broken?

I wanted to update my sources to do a new cvs-compile for my page, but I can't connect to Sourceforge CVS (M PserverBackend::PserverBackend() Connect (Connection refused)) and I noticed that my automated changelog wasn't updatet since 8.8 :( Anyone else having these problems with anonymous CVS? As …

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