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Re: SVGA Games for 286 ?

Here's Digger, a DOS game that uses 640x480 16c and runs smoothly on a 286. Played it many times way back in the 90s on my 286-12. Originates from KC85 platform? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=37BA-uh31ro I had to look up what you meant by this, because that is not classic digger for sure. This is …

Re: SVGA Games for 286 ?

Well yes, high resolution was available, even before SVGA was standard. But this was expensive at that time, when the 286 would have been popular enough. Games picked up more color first, then a bit later, higher resolutions. The 286 kind of missed that boat in favor of the already cheaper 386+ …

Re: SVGA Games for 286 ?

I think the fact that some games run on a 286 and have SVGA support is just a side-effect of that they were 16-bit games. No one was buying SVGA to put on a 286 when SVGA was cheap enough to buy to play some games. SVGA was popular when 386 was mainstream. It was around when Windows 3 was getting …

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