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Re: Restoring a small form factor 486

That's a nice system and a nice thread! Good read :) A single beep on start up should be normal, so can't say for sure that the CPU is dead. Often you would get a specific beep code for CPU issues. Take off the heat sink and feel if the CPU runs hot at all. Is the keyboard responding with a numlock …

Re: sleeper build

Judging from your questions I assume you are a beginner at this, so let me start with a fair warning: Be VERY CAREFUL when you're going to undertake this project. If you're not 100% sure what you're doing then there's a likely c hance of damage to your components or even risk of injury. Please ask …

Re: sleeper build

That's an AT styled power supply, so not compatible with modern power supplies (ATX). That power button on the front has mains voltage on it (120/220v) and modern power supplies use 5v for their front panel buttons. You would have to swap out or mod that power button to allow the 5v connector from …

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