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DRAM advice for Gravis Ultrasound

I'm looking to upgrade the DRAM on my Primax UltraSound Soundstorm Wave. Which is this card: https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/proxy/UixEDLDeszqIVfeJXpvnhJ_Zf9XUNzD0TcY8lc3sjsXeX353e6P_ObIHievoKiNhEhdw5_KGERrB8Y3HXceBLuWIg3xiArNI0YqpA0cknWGxHq3xxJ2KdqDEW3X2hg6S3sanKDoKTwzhf10ZdPCxJe8w1yt1-_ …

MS-DOS Man Midi Channel

in Milliways
Wasn't sure where to post this, but since it's mostly about game music I'll just drop this here. I guess the visitors to this forum might like the antics on my YT channel: I'm uploading soundtracks from various DOS games. Of course a lot of other people have done so in the past, but I'm trying to …

Re: IBM Diskdrive repair

Not trying to necro my own threads, but I thought this info was relevant enough to add for reference in the future. I always hate it when I search for solutions, then find some thread with someone claiming to have fixed it but not telling how to do it or what the actual issue was... As suspected the …

Re: IBM Diskdrive repair

I managed to get it to work :D So it turns out this was not a direct hardware problem of the FDD itself, but rather of the whole system. it seems the IBM Model 30 hardware doesn't take kindly to newer MS-DOS versions. I figured that out because (as a last hail Mary) I formated a 720 disk with the …

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