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Re: ATI Graphics Solution

Only CGA, EGA, Tandy/PCjr and AT&T 6300 were ever used in games afaik. Don't forget about Hercules, and not just the original HGC - there is at least one game with support for Hercules In Color. Also, there's a game using BGI, which contains the PC3270 BGI driver - it's an amateurish game, so I …

STB VGA 640 with CHIPS F82C451 A

I'm looking for software for STB VGA 640 card, based on CHIPS F82C451 A chipset. I've found the following line in some BBS file listing from 1992: 640UTIL.ZIP 41339 10-30-91 VGA 640 utilities/Demo. ...but the file itself is nowhere to be found. Any help?

Re: Gravis UltraSound on a 8088 4.7 MHz PC ?

You already can :blush: . My IBM XT clone has a built in trident SVGA card. Trident chipsets for ISA aren't accelerated, can't do anything special with them. With an accelerated chipset, however, it might be possible to do smooth animation despite the slow CPU. Just imagine: a game in 640x480x8bpp, …

Re: ATI Graphics Solution

Oh dear, even more magic at work: thread necromancy :D If anything, comparing Catacomb 3-D with Wolf3D shows that the memory layout does not have much of an impact on performance at all. Wolf3D is slightly slower, but that is probably explained by the larger levels with more enemies and more …

Re: Need winzip and winrar for DOS ?

I usually use Info-ZIP - http://infozip.sourceforge.net/ Probably the second most portable piece of software, the first being the "Hello World" :D And it still allows extraction of modern archives on vintage systems. The last version of RAR for DOS (3.93) can't extract archives created using modern …

Re: The best graphics cards of 1992

Warlord wrote: back then they are considered hardly graphics cards, just video cards are best, 2d acceleration if anything. Dumb framebuffer is still graphics. If we were talking about early 80s cards, like MDA, then indeed, can't really call them "graphics"...

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