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Re: General A3D tweaks?

in Windows
What card do you have? Does your driver software have an equalizer? I know the control panel for the Diamond MX300 does as well as a few other settings...might want to play around with them to see the effect.

Re: There is no successor to Warcraft II

in Milliways
I also played the hell out of wc2 in the 90s, ipx and all. But I tried to go back and play it but could not. I just don't yearm for that gamestyle anymore. However a strategy game I can go back and play is warlords2...and it's many sequals including battlecry. Without the resource management its …

Re: Voodoo 2 SLI and 1024x768

Dude, you need a dictionary. It's RENDERING THE IMAGE. IN MEMORY. The exact same triangles, the exact same textures, the exact same image. Are you TRYING to troll here? This is too wrong. Why do you think framerate increases with a v2 sli? Because the rendering work is spread across two cards. Yes …

Re: New sound card project: AWE64 Legacy

I'm not sure about the name. Isn't the original awe64 the "legacy"? And yes spdif (minijack, rca or toslink), opl3, and rear bracket are essential to making this worthwhile. Although how will spdif work.....will a mixer take in the emu8k (which itself takes in opl3) and digital sound and output …

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