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Smf playback

in Milliways
I've done enough research to ascertain that so called FM or CQM midi used .smf or "standard mid files". Aha! Of the synthesis chips on the Soundblaster 16 and Yamaha SoundEdge, which had the ability to playback that file? From what I have read, the CT1747 is the only chip that definitely did. The …

Blue Candle

in DOS
Is there any memory of this game? I saw an apple II version one day, didn't buy it, and it's the only storyline that I've ever seen compare to the Lord of the Rings.

Windows desktop

in Milliways
What is meant by "Windows desktop" as a platform for Skype distinct from "Windows 10?" Does it have anything to do with Microsoft Surface?

Re: MIDI background music and web standards

in Milliways
Theoretically, when building motherboards, how much would it cost for a Roland RAP-10 chip on the motherboard? Because the problem with MIDI, is that it doesn't sound good without an upgrade to the motherboard or an upgrade to the operating system - a virtual sound canvas. So, to get BGM for low …


There are two devices I am interested in. The Voodoo Lab Ground Control and the Rocktron Patchmate. Ground Control has a 7 pin out and a 5 pin in, the Patchmate has a 5 pin out and a 7 pin in. Can you tell the pin outs?

Re: Final Fantasy VII and VIII definitive MIDI thread

in Windows
I wish I could upload screen captures. The main midi file for FF7 PC is FF7.sf2 which is 3575 kb. You can examine the contents using Awave Studio. FF7 configuration: There are 2 drop down menus on the MIDI tab. One is MIDI Driver - and the default option is the Microsoft GS Wavetable synth that …

Re: Final Fantasy VII and VIII definitive MIDI thread

in Windows
From the FFVII instruction book MIDI Your MIDI driver should be automatically configured. If you want to change the driver, select the one the matches your computer’s MIDI setting. Your MIDI data should be automatically set as well. Your MIDI data should match your MIDI driver. General MIDI is for …

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