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Someone mentioned the award winning sound of Space Quest III. Those of you who haven't seen it http://www.queststudios.com/quest/sierrap1.html#MainMenu There is a download for Space Quest III SysEx.

Re: Re: MIDI daughtercards

Microsoft's soft-synth (DirectMusic, Win2k & XP) supposedly is DLS2-compliant. You can even find Roland's DLS GS bank somewhere in the Windows directory, so I guess that in order to use your own you could rename that one and replace it by your own (otherwise you'd have to write your own app to tell …

MIDI daughtercards

Shifting gears a little bit, would a MIDI daughtercard (which they don't make anymore) be able to support all the functionality of the DLS2 specification? I am considering whether it is worth trying to find one. My sound card doesn't support DLS2, but I don't want to buy a daughtercard if it isn't …

Re: GM/GS vs. MT-32/LAPC-1

Could you make a list in a text file of all the sounds in the synthmt bank? I'm hoping to see helpfully descriptive names. The MIDI software that comes with the Santa Cruz (Digital Orchestrator) has a list of all the sounds in an MT-32 bank, but they're mostly cryptic things like "Elec Piano 1" " …

VDMSound and Windows 98

I know it isn't supposed to work, but my sound card has wdm drivers specifically made for Windows 98 and I wanted to see if this would allow VDMSound to work. But when I try to install VDMSound (I have installed the Windows Installer service) I am informed I can not install because I do not have NT/ …

Re: GM/GS vs. MT-32/LAPC-1

Vlad states the problem on his support page "Note that it relies on the predefined GM patches (in your soundcard's ROM) to generate the MT-32 tones, hence the small size." 153 of the sounds in the bank are on a chip on the AWE, there are only two sounds in the bank itself. Now that I am more awake …

Re: GM/GS vs. MT-32/LAPC-1

It is good you have that bank posted, when I try downloading from SB all I can find is synthgm.sbk. But, I can not get either file to open properly in Awave Studio, so I guess that idea will not work. The best laid plans of mice and men... I notice SB's license agreement says that you are only …

MT-32 SoundFont

Where do I get this MT-32 SoundFont? I found the E-mu SoundFont home page but I do not see what I am looking for. I am tired so if it's easy to find don't think I am a fool. I can always convert it to DLS.

Re: GM/GS vs. MT-32/LAPC-1

I'm not sure that MT-32 emulation would be better than a GS mapping all the time. I understand the need to emulate the sound customization, but I imagine modern GS sounds a hell of a lot better than any samples contained in any MT-32 bank. Can an SB Live or an Audigy use a MIDI daughtercard? I …

MIDI bank conversion

Has anyone tried AWave studio at http://www.fmjsoft.com/ to convert an MT-32/LAPC-1 MIDI bank to something a modern sound card can use? My card uses DLS MIDI banks, and this thing will convert TO that format. What is the file format for an MT-32/LAPC-1 MIDI bank?

MT-32/LAPC-I to GM/GS mapping

Has anyone considered mapping from Mt-32/LAPC-1 to the full GS set of sounds? This might avoid awkward maps like the example stated in the FAQ (MT-32 #43 Oboe 2001 -> GM #54 Voice Ooohs). Granted, this would only be useful to people who have MIDI daughtercards (I currently do not have one), but it …

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