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Re: Generic Aureal Vortex 2 - Worth It?

in Marvin \ Sound
I have installed the Audigy SE in the AXP system, turns out it is a "fake" card?! It detects it as a ES1371/1373 SB PCI card (same as CT4810), but it wont work at all. I can't get any sound. Garbage. I just looked at the picture, that indeed doesn't look like a real Creative SB0570, what a …

Re: Slot 1 CPU fitting..

Not meaning to start a debate, just for general info. The standard Intel SECC (PII and PIII) cassettes measure 14 millimetres width at the sides. The Foxconn measures 16 millimetres. I do not rule out that there may be common retention clips out there that can accomodate the Foxconn sink without …

Re: Slot 1 CPU fitting..

I still believe it could fit, the plastic part on the OP board is wider on top than the one with the fixed retention mechanism. I'd like to see a more detailed picture of that... as it almost looks "closed off" on top compared to others, almost as if the plastic is meant to go "over" the cpu. if you …

Re: Slot 1 CPU fitting..

Hi all, Have this board on the way: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/254594779337. It has the Slot 1 retention built in to the motherboard, which is nice.. however the CPU I am looking at which is this: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/401872971806 has a large aluminium heatsink that to me looks like it …

Re: Giant TV Challenge

in Milliways
My favorite TV? LCD? my Sony KDL-40Z4500 it has a VGA input and practically no input lag image quality is more than good enough for me on this 12 year old LCD, don't need anything more. CRT? my Sony KX-27PS1 because it's just magnificient in every regard (technically not really a "TV" as it doesn't …

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