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Re: AWE64 Gold Engineering sample

in Marvin \ Sound
He's pointing out that the main chip is a completely different revision than what you'd typically see on a CT4390 card. The later CT4540 has the MCQ chip, the CT4390 has the DAQ chip thank you for the explanation, this wasn't being pointed out at all unfortunately unless you know what to look for, …

Re: AWE64 Gold Engineering sample

in Marvin \ Sound
if it looks like a CT4390 and it walks like a CT4390, it is probably a CT4390. it also clearly states so on the PCB and sticker 😕 CT4540 looks different: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/common … Sbawe64gold.jpg

Re: VGA Capture Thread

in Marvin \ Video
the first HTPC I built used a HD2400 that one would show BIOS etc. through TV-out iirc... depends on the GPU I guess, apparently a lot GPUs only output through the TV-out by default if no other monitor is connected.

Re: On "time-accuracy," and whether it's worth it.

in Milliways
foil_fresh wrote: but at heart it's the cpu/mobo/gpu that matters the most to me. we're doing this for gaming! yep, that's pretty much what does it for me, maybe also add sound card to that, but I don't plan to use spinning disks or "period accurate" power supplies in any of the machines I will use …

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