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Re: My collection

Nice collection you have there. 8) Thanks! I'd go with XP, but it depends on what you want to do with it. Yes, it's Hebrew on the keyboard. The L201p is quite a nice monitor, and not as common as its predecessor L200p with the thick bezel. I've become a bit allergic to XP, because of my employer's …

Re: My collection

Almost forgot the ThinkPad T22! I had a feeling I had something between the Aptiva and Pentium 4 :) Couldn't find the charger to start it, but I think the specs were: - Pentium III 900MHz - 512MB RAM - 64GB SSD - Wireless card - 1024X768 display - S3 Savage IX graphics - Interchangeable DVD and …

My collection

Hello, I haven't introduced myself yet. And what would be better way to do that, than to show my collection :happy: All these machines have been part of my life since they were new. None of them are fleamarket finds, all bought brand new to our household. They had been stored away for years, until …

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