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Re: Aliens vs. Predator Gold

Looks like the enhancement to AVP Gold linked by the OP has recently been updated. With it, I can now play the game perfectly on my laptop running Windows 7 64-bit. Has anyone had any luck converting the audio tracks on their original disc into ogg files to get the game's music to play? The …

Re: MT-32 and Sb16 - no midi on MT-32 games

in DOS
Thanks 5u3, it's working now! I reverted the mpu401 port to 330 via the hardware jumper, then made sure I specified 330 for the port number in diagnose.exe rather than letting it auto detect. Monkey1 and 2 working great now! 😀

MT-32 and Sb16 - no midi on MT-32 games

in DOS
Hi everyone, I have an old 386 pc with an SB16 in it, and I've recently bought an MT-32 which i'm hooking up to the soundcard using a gameport to midi connector. I'm having trouble getting the MT-32 to work with MT-32 specific games, on dos 6.22 The soundcard itself has all the drivers installed and …

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