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Re: ATI Rage 128 VR Driver Denial

Have you tried the ones here? https://soggi.org/drivers/ati.htm I believe it is a unified package, so despite stating it is for 1999 Rage 128 Pro, it should work for 1998 Rage 128 (VR being the lower end variant of the chip, GL being the high end one). The package from that site has allowed me to …

Re: What vintage CPU socket saw the biggest increase in CPU horsepower from release to retirement?

Just considering the socket alone is a bit tricky to me. Take socket A for instance, a board from the the KT133 chipset era would not let you go above Palomino. Similar happens to Slot 1, with an unmodified board and/or special slotket, you cannot aim for top Pentium III (Tualatin 1.4). Not even all …

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