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Re: On track vs XT ide

ODD: almost always works, not much trial and error, free and no HW change required; some compatibility issues when moving drives XT-IDE: clean from no-SW-required perspective, elegant, XTIDE+flash integrated options; can cost time and money to get working I tend to favor XTIDE for older systems e.g. …

Re: Collecting rants

I think it is unrealistic to hope for a common frame of reference on pricing that everyone involved will buy into. In any "collectible" field you have all of the following and more: - completionists who need one of everything and whose willingness to pay for it is proportional to the gap in the …

Re: Sound Blaster 16 & AWE32: From best to worst

What is the issue with using the Live cards in DOS? I just did this with a Live card I had on a Pentium 2 DOS 6.22 build and can’t say there were any issues using driver packages available on vogonsdrivers.com. The process seemed similar to my SB16 (SCSI2 model) in terms of apps etc.

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