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Re: CPU-Z/HWinfo freezes windows

Viper87 wrote: i fixed this by editing cpuz settings, hwinfo still have the same problem i fixed both, SMbus detection caused problem If you send me the HWiNFO Debug File of the freeze, I can fix HWiNFO to skip the problematic part so that no disabling will be needed. Martin, HWiNFO author

Re: Weitek Power 9000 - stable Windows 9x drivers ?

Hi, i`run a Weitek Power 9000 VLB, are there any Stable Windows 9x Drivers ? i have problems running winquake for example :) if i change resolution it will lookup. DESK.CPL keeps crashing when changing settings and other Issues.. Thanks Matthias Are you running Windows 95 only? In case you'd have …

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