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Re: "Fat Face" Compaq Presario: why?

what onboard video + sound does it have? are you gonna add a NIC? It has a S3 Trio 64 of some sorts (with 2 Meg of RAM) and I don't know what audio chip is there, ESS something or other... I will add a NIC, not sure if it will be wireless or not. I've an old D-link wifi card lying around somewhere, …

"Fat Face" Compaq Presario: why?

Hello, everybody. I was able to pick up this computer really cheap as part of a hardware swap: a Compaq Presario model 4716. It's a Pentium MMX 133 (note: need verify the frequency). It's in fully working condition, all original except the hard drive that was replaced and some RAM was added on top …

Badscrew's build diary: WIP N°1

Hello, everybody, my first post here :) I'm reserving this topic for my retro-ish build N°1. The main piece here will be the audio card I've found in my "old junk" box - a Turtle Beach Tropez Plus. I'll be trying to build a functioning PC around it with decent performance, the main idea here is to …

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