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Re: Are GeForce 256 DDR cards that rare?

I’d be interested to see some benchmarks from other cpus from 2001-2004 era, to see exactly when the Helo/adventure scores are surpassed by cpu T&L And also when the 1 and 4 light poly counts scores are surpassed too. And finally to see what P2/earlier P3 matches the Geforce256’s 8 light score.

Re: Are GeForce 256 DDR cards that rare?

That's a very cool card :) I thought i'd have a look at 3D Mark 2000 again, with the Geforce256 DD6 64MB that in my PIII 933. I get 5213 for the default 16bit benchmark. If I use a DDR board in my Athlon 64 X2 3.2ghz agp machine i get 6464 3D Marks, so it's interesting to see how GeForce256 …

Re: Are GeForce 256 DDR cards that rare?

Fits in with the other DDR boards I’ve got Filename C8F5A829-8CA3-4146-9734-C3D9B163C30A.jpeg File size 1.58 MiB Views 249 views I’ve also got this nice ASUS 64MB DDR card too, currently in my PIII 933 Filename 2DDE4F71-DABD-49F6-AE39-6225F9EAD3B1.jpeg File size 320.52 KiB Views 249 views And here …

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