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Re: MS5129 PS/2 header

Finally got it right. It's combined mouse and keyboard header. Mouse on on the left side and keyboard on right. That's why keyboard turned crazy when I connected mouse and keyboard parallel. I dont't know which ones are CLK and DATA, but basically it's like this if someone needs this later. Notice …

MS5129 PS/2 header

This motherboard has 2x5pin PS/2 header. Pin pairs seems to be shorted so that it is actually a 5 pin connector. I found out Vcc and GND pins with multimeter and thought DATA and CLK pins are two that has high impedance towards GND. Connected mouse as follows from top (keyboard conn.) to bottom: 1. …

MSI 815E Pro Photo needed

Got one i815 mobo with some kind of turboPLL mod. There is this second board cut away from another mobo and it's not very nice looking work. For example there are long wires and resistors close to mobo traces for and crystal is just put to a connector with leads... I belive this is supposed to keep …

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