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Re: Legend of Sword and Fairy - english patch

in DOS
Much of the confusion could be mitigated by having a list right at the front of the readme.txt in the translation patch (which is distributed separately!) and the re-implementation engine, something like: The following combinations of translation patch, game data and engine are possible: Game Data …

Re: Legend of Sword and Fairy - english patch

in DOS
I also registered at rpgcodex and asked the experts there is there's any way to run a native DOS .exe version of the game, even if it is the reimplemented SDL version of the game. All I would like to do is run the game natively in DOS. It appears the the SDL version is Windows only, but there's some …

Re: FitzQuake for DOS [fxMesa]

ah lol =) that was VIA chipset, i have it, so i can't fix it?) p.s. offtopic --- i found Mario 64 for DOS its also use glide3x.dxe (3dfx) Mario 64 looks for DOS looks neat indeed, but I can't compile the DOS .exe. May you or someone else who has compiled the binary please post a link to download …

Re: Super Mario 64 for MS-DOS

Late reply, as I just saw RaVeN-05's offtopic post about SM64 for DOS in the FitzQuake for DOS [fxMesa] of the Releases forum I've just discovered that this DOS port has been made, and it's such a shame that a compiled binary isn't available. (I mean a native CWSDPMI dos .exe). As I can't compile …

Re: Is anyone excited for the Nvidia 3000 series cards

in Milliways
Same for video codecs. Instead of going higher and higher in resolution, settle for something good and ged rid of artifacts and blur. The improvements made in compression should not be used to save bandwith, but to enhance image quality at the same bandwitdh. Wiser words were never spoken! I've …

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