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Re: Help me find the BIOS, manual, and jumper settings for a MiTAC IH4077H motherboard

Yes, I'd be happy to help. I've got access to this motherboard. There is something to work out - romsavat.exe produces a 64KB dump, same as on UR. Another dump bios tool, dumpat, produces an 1MB file. Perhaps you're able to cut that file and extract the 128KB rom? See attachment. The first 64KB of …

Re: E-20 Voice Board / MT-32

The missing parts were soldered back and viola! The card is working. Some years ago, but I wonder how did you attach the MIDI port? By running a cable to the other board in the pictures, or on the same board? What were the missing parts? I see an added 7805 VRM, a power plug, two pin headers, and a …

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