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Re: What's the dumbest retro mistake you've made?

in Milliways
I was 14 and switched from a Zenith Data System 386 with 3.1 to a Pentium 75 with Windows 95. After only 2 days I decided to try to install a desktop replacement I used to have for windows3.1 . I believe it was PC Tools. It has completely crashed w95. I had to reinstall it but the Graphic card …

Re: VOGONS Driver Library

Hi there, I've recently spent some times to download stuff for my Intel SE440BX-2 Mobo. Some of them are really tricky to get ( like Russian websites 😈) I think it would make sense to have this uploaded to VogonsDrivers Bios Revision notes from P1 to P17 CPU Support list ( html capture from Intel's …

Intel SE440BX-2 / Issues

Hi I'm putting here some info, any advice / comment are welcome :) Windows 98SE Mobo : Intel se440bx-2 with P10 Bios Chipset Driver : Intel 3.20.1008 CPU : PIII 850 : 850/256/100/1.7V S1 Spare CPU : PIII 450 : 450/512/100/2.0V S1 ( In case of issues like bios update that refuse the PIII 850 ) RAM : …

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