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Re: Will WinXP *run* on a 486?

The real question is why would you want XP running on a 486? NT4 and 2k were already taxing enough as it was. Even on my PIII-700 Windows XP felt like a dog compared to 2k. I'm still trying to get this connected to my distributed computing client (BOINC). It's not going to add any meaningful …

Will WinXP *run* on a 486?

I know it will not install on a 486 (installer will check), but would it *run* on a 486 DX4-100, if it were installed using a different chip (like the Pentium Overdrive)? Or installed using a different computer? I'm sure it will be slow but I'm curious if its possible.

Re: Resurrecting an old IBM Valuepoint 486 machine. How can I get it to contribute to World Community Grid?

Nice to see a fellow Valuepoint owner, seems pretty uncommon these days! I am not sure that the actual cache chips were original with the system. It's possible I swapped them out a long time ago (I had a lot of old PC equipment and it migrated between systems). But it does recognize 256k cache. I …

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