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Re: Dreamblaster works in the Korg NS5R :)

Yes, the NS5R/NX5R have the wavetable header inside. But, you have to be careful as the internal PSU is a bit on the weak side. You can find old forum posts of people overheating and burning out their units due to daughterboards that draw more power then the PSU can handle. To install just have to …

Re: Using Audigy drivers with a Sound Blaster Live

I´d love to try this method but is DirectX 9 necessary? I´m asking this because I have a DX8 card (GF4 Ti4200) and I´ve been told that it is recommended to stick with a DirectX that´s period-correct with my GPU... I'm using DirectX 9 mainly because that's what ships on the Audigy2 ZS driver …

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