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Re: GPU suggestion for my P4 setup

Does anyone know if any kind of LCD that can be used in this system? trying to save some spaces Any LCD with a matching connector (VGA, DVI, or both) to your graphics card should work, but an LCD in a 4:3 or 5:4 aspect ratio would be most appropriate for the games you'll likely play. For my 2004 …

Re: Unreal games on GOG to be delisted on Dec 23 at 2pm EST

in Windows
It's a bummer Unreal Tournament 2003 wasn't released digitally and isn't in the discounted pack. I mostly played 2004 and loved it, including the vehicles and huge Onslaught maps, but some say 2003 was a little more distilled and more similar to UT99. I would have liked to have it included even if …

Re: Socket 7 board help

There's so much great advice in this thread. One piece of hardware I didn't see recommended yet is a POST card. They are inexpensive and invaluable when the board doesn't finish booting. To use them, simply install it in an empty PCI or ISA slot, then look up the last displayed code online for your …

Re: Windows XP how much people still use for MAIN OS?

in Milliways
Here are my thoughts on the shells in Windows over time. Of course we've got to start with DOS. You have your classic DOS commands, DIR, ATTRIB, COPY, MOVE, MKDIR, etc. I wish they lined up better with Unix commands, e.g. you have to use COPY instead of cp and RENAME instead of mv. You can pipe …

Re: Boot diskette for Windows 95

in DOS
To add onto the previous reply, RawWriteWin is also a great tool for writing floppy images too. It lets you read them back as well for a quick MD5 to verify it was written correctly. The source is available and it runs on Win 95 to 10, might be a fun task to add auto-verify to it... http://www. …

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