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Re: Windows 11 has been released

I just think that Microsoft needs to stop trying to reinvent the wheel all the time and stick to what really works and has been working wonders for decades. I agree. I feel with every version of Windows I've been able to shape and mold it to my preference over time, and I'm sure 11 will be no …

Re: Windows 11 has been released

https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/microsoft/windows-11-lets-you-enable-the-classic-windows-10-start-menu-heres-how/ Don't need to thank me for that. I think it's great the Windows 10 start menu is called "Classic" in the registry key, "Start_ShowClassicMode". 😂 It's too bad it's not just a …

Re: YOUR favorate game era.

in Milliways
I'm not sure I have a favorite time, but I definitely have some discrete game playing periods. Pre-school: I played a lot of DOS games with my dad and even learned my way around COMMAND.COM. Mostly Duke Nukem I and II, Kings Quest VI, and some learning games like Millie's Math House and Operation …

Re: I wish I had discovered Windows ME sooner!

I'm looking forward to my first proper Windows Me build. I like that it's the last 9x release but contains some later NT features and interface updates. And with some effort it seems like you can change/revert some of the more annoying features like no easy DOS access. I was given one of those …

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