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ISA sound card for Windows XP

Hi everyone, I'm working on an early 2000s XP machine without on-board sound. It's a 440BX system with a 1.4GHz Celeron and 1 AGP, 3 PCI, and 3 ISA slots. Fast connectivity was more important to me than PCI sound and EAX/A3D, so I've used the PCI slots for an ATA133 card, a USB 2.0 card, and an …

Re: Year 2038 bug?

in Milliways
If anyone here is interested in OpenBSD, they converted all internal timestamps to 64 bits in the May 2014 release (OpenBSD 5.5). I thought it was cool how quickly they got ahead of the issue. :) time_t is now 64 bits on all platforms. From OpenBSD 5.5 onwards, OpenBSD is year 2038 ready and will …

Re: Windows 2000 abnormal behavior

in Windows
It sounds very abnormal to me. Is there any chance you could reinstall without the floppy drive connected? I don't know any exact registry keys to check, but I think Windows may maintain a list of places to check when it needs files during device or driver installation, and I'm wondering if somehow …

Re: What is a good, free, PDF to JPG converter?

in Milliways
I've used Xpdf before. It takes a little time to get the command right but it might work for you. Looks like you'd need pdftopng then a second pass to convert PNG to JPG (ffmpeg or imagemagick). I used it for work once. We asked for a spreadsheet and they sent PDFs and wouldn't budge. Xpdf came to …

Re: Make Win98 Taskbar Larger

You can also try applying the "Windows White (Extra Large)" theme and the Quick Launch -> View -> Large properties to make the taskbar bigger: https://i.imgur.com/vSe8oPE.png 1.PNG You can track, for example, using the RegShot program, what changes are made when applying this theme to the registry. …

Re: Make Win98 Taskbar Larger

Start menu thickness is linked to the size of "Caption Buttons" Is there a setting where I can adjust this Caption Button size? It's under Display Properties under the Item drop down. Several of these options have size options that could be tweaked for better display on a large screen. I'm not sure …

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