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3Dfx Voodoo II Alternate Drivers - Win9x

After building my Voodoo 2 SLI rig, I noticed the performance of the oft-recommended FastVoodoo 4.6 was not very good. SLI was not boosting performance of Direct3d for me any more than single card although the System Information tab said SLI was detected. I tested this on 98 and ME. I tested with …

Re: Windows Me - "Misunderstood Edition"

in Milliways
Giving this a go on my Nforce2 system for obvious reasons. I have only had 2 big issues so far, neither game breaking and only one fault of my own. ME setup installs a "Crystal Soundfusion" driver for my Turtle Beach Santa Cruz, which causes a blue screen with a vnetbios.vxd (I don't recall exactly) …

Re: 3dmark99 MegaThread

I got a great result with my Voodoo 2 SLI rig! I was having crappy results from the FastVoodoo 4.6 driver. SLI worked because I could use 1024x768, but the performance was that of a single card even though SLI was detected. The reference driver 3.02.02 didn't want to install properly after the …

Re: Why did they rush Windows 11?

in Milliways
I may be in the minority but I actually like 11, but only with explorer patcher enabled. Especially with the recent update that lets you have a Windows 10 start menu. It's just as fast as 10 with core isolation disabled. I just did a fresh install of 11 from a bootable USB drive. It took 10 minutes …

Re: Voodoo 2 Identification Help Needed

Got these bad boys running in my rocket build. Overclocking tab maxes out at 105mhz which they do no problem since they have 22ns memory. Is there a way to extend this up to try for 110mhz or is it just not worth it to overclock them at all? I'm only running them for glide compatibility, they are …

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