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Re: Avance Logic ALS100 Plus+ REV 2.0

Cuttoon wrote on 2022-04-13, 18:18: Yep, that much is obvious. Welp my dad told me that on later machines the CD audio works digitally. Anyway, I'm asking if somebody has the cable locally because paying 10czk + shipping is not cheap for lil old cable.

is there any reason why would GTA 2 not work in PCem?

in PC Emulation
I got Windows 98 SE booting in PCem and I got bin/cue files for GTA 2 on archive.org I mount these and install the game but I can't launch the game because it says that I should insert the correct CD into the drive. And please don't tell me to play the free version Rockstar released, I want the …

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