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What is a 3D accelerator?

How to find a 3D accelerator that is not a Voodoo? Are there PCI or ISA Graphics cards I could put into my PC? I have no idea what am I looking for but I would like to be able to start a game like KAO the Kangaroo, But the game tells me I do not have a 3D Accelerator. Is an ATI Mach64 a 3D …

Sound Blaster Live 5.1 SB0100 requires 64 MB of RAM?

I recently got an old computer with a Pentium 133, 40MB or RAM and 20GB Hard drive. It came with no soundcard and I thought I can just put in my Sound blaster live 5.1 I also got recently. I'm running Windows 98 SE. But when I install any drivers, it warns me that I do not have enough RAM, and if i …

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