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Age of Empires WinXP

in Windows
So, I have Age of Empires on a USB flash drive, and could get it installed. the problem I run into now is it says it needs a game cd to play. kinda figured, but i have other games that dont need one, so i was hopeful. Anyway, Ive tried launching the game with the USB plugged in, hoping the game …

Re: Windows XP Hardware Monitor?

HWMonitor or AIDA64 should do the trick here for hardware monitoring. Latest versions should work on XP, but if not then try going a few versions back. For stress testing, I just go with 3DMark 2000 or 2005, depending on the age of hardware. These seem to reveal eventual problems. For newer …

Re: Help please. Win98SE Radeon 8500

Ok, I fully understand. Unfortunately, I live in EU so it does not really worth the hassle with shipping. 4650 AGP is a good card, but you are right - it is a XP era card. I think the last ATI Radeon with official Windows 98 support is X800 (any of its version). For Nvidia it is a GeForce 6800 (GT, …

Re: Windows game recommendation?

in Windows
An acronym. Real Time Stragegy. You mentioned you liked stragegy games. There are also turn based strategy games, like the Worms series which had some XP era entries, but the 2D games of the franchise are the best. oh ok. Yea, homeworld 2 which i still have and Age of Empires were some of my …

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