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Re: Freddy Pharkas Frontier Pharmacist CD

The GOSiERRA patch is only for getting the driver to initialize in the first place. It should have no effect on how it performs after it starts. In other words, it only gets you past the "Unable to initialize your audio hardware" error message that you get on faster machines. This, of course, should …

Re: Welcome to the Desert of the Real World

in Milliways
Snover, I was not saying that your new design sucks, I did not mean to offend, if I did. I think that the new design will be fine with just a few small tweaks, mostly just to make it a little easier to read, such as by increasing the contrast between the text and background. I am running at …

Re: Welcome to the Desert of the Real World

in Milliways
I think that mostly it just needs to be easier to read. The buttons need to more readable. Also the preformated text (ie Quotes and Code) is very tiny on my machine with Mozilla, my browser of choice. The main text size is OK, but it would be nice if it was darker and/or with a lighter background.

Re: Min hardware for Space Quest 6 ???

Minimums for SQ6 from the box: MS-DOS 5.0+ WIN 3.1+ 486/25+; 8MB RAM 5MB on Hard Drive 2X CD-ROM,SVGA Mouse This seems to run OK in DOSBox on my system with CPU cycles set at 5000 though the different screens load a little slow. At 10000 cycles it runs like you would want it to, with smooth sound. …

Re: Digital sound output from DOS

in DOS
The 16 bit emulator driver for the Live card does work in pure DOS, though this driver does not seem to work with the newer Live cards. Creative has dropped DOS support. I got my Audigy when it first came out and the 9x driver had the DOS driver, but the Audigy II drivers do not include the DOS …

Re: WinME/Gabriel Knight I

in DOS
If you have the talkie version (ie CD-ROM) then you must also have the Windows version, which should run just fine in Windows ME. If you have the floppy version, then there is no voice track. The opening scene after the paperboy delivers the paper has no voice to start with. Grace walks up, picks up …

Re: KQ6 swamp lockup

in Windows
See Vivendi Universal Games Forums - KQ6: Bump-Stick-Tomato Scene Freeze: http://community.vugames.com/WebX?14@139.oPjy … kBnP.6@.efcb728

Re: dosbox commands

in DOS
That sounds like it's because you are running it from the CD. The game needs to write some temp files and is trying to write to the same directory as the game - in other words, the CD. Try to run it from your hard drive.

Re: Mac games on ScummVM?

I have looked for some kind of HFS driver before, but with little success. I have not looked around lately, so maybe I should try again. Just to get files off a mac disc, I have just used "HFV Explorer", but it does not let Explorer see the files.

Re: Mac games on ScummVM?

I have a Mac version of Full throttle, but the audio stutters badly in Basilisk II. It is unplayable as is. I have heard that ScummVM can play Mac LucasArts games in Windows if you have a driver installed that will let Windows see a Mac formated CD. Does anyone know of such a driver?

Re: Quest for Glory I (VGA)

The "Unable to initialize your audio hardware" error message is a common error with the DOS Sierra SCI games on modern fast machines. You can use one of the updated Sierra Sound Blaster drivers from Sierra's FTP or try the GOSiERRA patch. You can find it on Quest Studios utilities page: http://www. …

Re: Weekly update

Now, it would mean better multitasking... ie. the driver executes on one processor while the game and/or emulator execute on the other. That should not require any changes to the driver or emulator. Of course you are right, so maybe somewhere on the dirver's property sheet there could be a place to …

Re: KQ5 Speech/audio

in Windows
When you try to run the game just by setting the resolution down with the compatability mode settings, you still get the wrong display type error. It will run if you manually set the resolution down first. I run the game with a bat file instead of a Windows shortcut and use the compatability mode to …

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