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Re: AWE64 CQM issues

There were also another half, which was completely unable to play these songs, performing a complete mess instead of that: Example of wrong sound. HARSH NOISE AND GLITCH INSIDE! That's exactly how my Aztech AZT2320 (integrated OPL3) sounded until I found this thread: https://www.vogons.org/ …

Re: MT-32 is no longer receiving data

Just curious, do you have another device that you could attach on the thru of the mt-32. To check if the midi signal that comes in on the mt32 still goes through. Good suggestion- or hook up a MIDI keyboard directly to the MT-32's input. I've found the MT-32 to be a pretty well-made piece of …

Re: Volume is too quiet

This appears to be normal behaviour- the original MT-32 was designed to be connected to the line input on an amplifier, mixer or tape recorder. When directly connected to a passive device such as a set of headphones, the maximum output volume will be very dependent on the impedance of the connected …

Re: Integrated ESS Wavetable header / native DOS compatibility

in DOS
I don't own any motherboards with an integrated ESS chip, but I expect DOS would see it as just another Plug & Play ISA sound device. Any data being sent to the MIDI Out port (usually 330H) would also go to the appropriate pin on the wavetable connector.

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