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Re: Starflight II

in DOS
Hey thanks for that update - great news that SPEEDSET lets you communicate with aliens! That was what was keeping me from being able to play it ever since I got this PII-450 I have.

Re: Multiple CD drives in WinXP = no CD audio in Windows games?

in Windows
What would MSCDEX have to do with a Windows game? I've thought about the drive letters thing, but that can't be the case, as I believe my CD-ROM drive is R:, burner is W:, Daemon Tools is X:, and Fantom CD is Y:. Maybe I should double-check though - it was a while ago that I last tried tackling this …

Re: Brightness problem - need your help

I had the same problem with DOS games on my system. There are only 3 solutions that I could come up with: 1. If the game has a brightness or gamma setting, adjust that. 2. Use the monitor controls to turn up the brightness or gamma of the monitor. 3. Open up the monitor and adjust the potentiometers …

Re: Starflight II

in DOS
I remember getting the Underdogs version working, but maybe not under WinXP. I do, however, recall that I couldn't engage in ship-to-ship communications - presumably due to my computer being too fast/new (PII-450 when the game was meant to run on a 286 or possibly even lower).

Multiple CD drives in WinXP = no CD audio in Windows games?

in Windows
I tried searching the whole VOGONS forums for previous threads on this, but no luck. First here are the CD "drives" on my system: - Daemon Tools - FantomCD - Ricoh 8x4x32 CDR/RW/ROM IDE - Pan International Industrial Corp of China (I just love saying that lol) 44x generic CD-ROM IDE So basically I …

DMA polling settings - technical details?

Can anyone provide some details on what the min/max DMA polling frequency setting does in VDMSound 2.0.4+update1+launchpad under WinXP? Specifically: 1. What effects do setting each of them higher and lower have? 2. When would I want to raise or lower each of the two settings? Thanks!

Re: Win9x + VDMSound **ALPHA**

Oops forgot which thread I was in. The SB16's joystick port should work fine for DOS games without any drivers installed in Win9x. You might have to set a jumper on the card or run a plug-n-play utility from Creative to enable the joystick port though. Maybe you're trying to use a USB joystick in …

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: vlad: MIA?

I believe the two are related. IIRC this also how the parallel-port adapters worked as well. This update provided the parallel support along with speedset compatibility, but it's functionality is hampered by the way these things processed audio. So will installing that add-on affect the way the …

Re: Re: Re: Re: vlad: MIA?

I think you're referring to the emuppdac.v1.0.4.4.zip that was in this thread: http://www.vogons.org/showthread.php?threadid=52 No, I was talking about trying to emulate properly the way games like Wiz6&7 and Dungeon Master throttle the SoundBlaster (or even the Adlib in the case of Wiz7) to play …

Re: Re: vlad: MIA?

Well it's mostly completed anyway. Only lacking true OPL3 emulation and that's dependent on someone else. The MT32 emulation is more of a separate project, and Vlad has already indicated that it wasn't going to be quick. I tried a couple of times to pitch the idea to him of doing some kind of hack …

Re: What soundcard setting for VDMSound

It should be able to autodetect usable settings, but here's what I'd recommend: Digitized sound: Sound Blaster 16 MIDI music: General MIDI I don't have the DOS version of Tie Fighter myself... I think I have the floppy and CD versions of X-Wing (and some other LucasArts games like Dark Forces) …

vlad: MIA?

Anyone heard anything from vlad in the last couple of weeks? What's he been up to? Is VDMSound development dead for now? He should get someone to put on the website all the files he's got scattered around the forums (win9x VDMS port, speedset, the updated adlib driver, etc etc) That reminds me: …

Re: indiana jones & fate of atlantis roland

I don't think that's the case. I think they accounted for the needed instrument mapping and balance in the soundfont. I don't see why they couldnt in any case. Besides, if you're right then there'd be no advantage to using the MT32 soundfont, as it certainly doesnt sound any good compared to most GM …

Re: mt

Just looking at the size and it doesn't look to do much better than VDMSound's "mapping". Must have at least 512kB of samples. V. You're talking about that crappy half-megabyte MT32 soundfont? Yeah it sounds pretty bad, even compared to a slightly bigger soundfont with VDMS MT32->GM mapping. I have …

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