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Booter games compatibility overview

Hi everybody, I've been testing a lot of booter games from Retrograde Station https://web.archive.org/web/20090206231858/http://retrograde.trustno1.org/index2.htm the last couple of days, and thought it might be usefull to let the DosBox developers know where the most important remaining problems …

Re: CVS Builds By AEP

Hi guys, I noticed that the alt-tabbing issue is related to sdl.dll, at least, for me. When I replaced the dll from may 7th with the dll from oktober 2004 (the one that goes with 0.63), the problems went away. Can anybody confirm this?! Regards, Ronald

Re: CVS Builds By AEP

Strange, works for me on WinXP Pro. I noticed, however, that the mousecursor in the CVS build by cvscompile.aep-emu.de is not hidden while running Epic Pinball, while 0.63 hides the mouse as long as it is not being moved. Regards, Ronald

Great interview!

I just saw the interview on Abandonia, great stuff! Wow, dat was vast een lekkere dikke koe, dat je er een echte dos game machine van kon kopen 😉 Keep up the good work QBix and Harekiet! Regards, Ronald

Re: Space War

Hi guys, Sorry MiniMax, but I believe razblow is right in that Dosbox incorrectly displays the game, no matter what setting. I believe it has to do with the 2-colour cga mode that the game uses (wasn't that "SCREEN 2" in gwbasic?). It isn't implemented yet (in dosbox 0.63) but there seems to be a …

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