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Re: Dedicated IPXNET Server (.NET Core 2.0)

I found a bug in dosbox that sends a packet type of 245 instead of the expected 32 (socket 213 + packetype 32 = 245): This has been causing problems and the inability to connect for some people who arn't on windows 10. I have implemented a work-around and the server should be operating well now ( …

Re: DOSBox IPX over Kali.net?

First of all, you need to install the IPX protocol on windows 7 before it can be used with kali, right? I dont think Kali and dosbox will work together since they dont function the same way. You would need one friend to host a dosbox server and the rest to join it with their instances of dosbox for …

Dedicated IPXNET server software (C# .NET 7)

I put together this IPXNET server from scratch recently. It is designed to be as fast, as simple (programmically) and as thread safe as possible. The downloads are using C# and .NET 7 (https://dotnet.microsoft.com/) from Microsoft . If you have any suggestions/design comments please don't hesitate …

How portable is dosbox?

in DOSBox General
Lets say I wanted to create a compressed package that contained both the linux and windows dosbox files, yet 1 game folder. How would this be possible to pull off in dosbox? What risks or problems do I have to watch out for? Looking for some solid advice, Cheers.

Re: IPXNET Server breaks randomly

in DOSBox General
Thanks Hal. Z is the currently active one. I hope to eventually get players for: - Blood - C&C Dos - Netmech Dos I have built installers for all of them, packaged inside DosBox and pre-configured for ease of use (just download, install, click and play). They all also come with a simple chat client …

Re: IPXNET Server breaks randomly

in DOSBox General
How would you feel if I decided to take a gander at working on it? Dunno what I could add to it, but it looks interesting. (If yes, may need to ask you some questions concerning; whats the best way to contact you?)

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