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Digital Audio from a Yamaha OPL2/3 chip

I posted this on the QuestStudios forum, but thought it might interest some of the VOGONS crowd as well. Well, this took me by surprise. Yesterday evening I was doing some comparisons between the SoundBlaster Pro 2 and Pro AudioStudio, and happened to load a game given me by my brother-in-law, …

Re: Sound cards - from best to worst

Not to keep tooting the horn of a dead soundcard-line, but I thought I would mention the Soundscape's excellent MIDI implementation. I posted the following on the QuestStudios forum a while back: Ensoniq was one of the few companies that included the partial implemention of the bi-directional …

Re: Sound cards - from best to worst

The Ensoniq information is well-appreciated! I too was (am?) a fan of their products. I snapped a photo of the Soundscape DB, in case anyone is interested. There are actually two versions of the DB - an early version, containing the Soundscape's 2mb sample-set, and a revised version, featuring an " …

Re: I'm looking for CM-32L ROM

Hmm. I wonder if the PCM partials in the MT-32, et al, were taken directly from the D-50. If so, I can't imagine Roland ever freely allowing their use. Perhaps this has been previously asked, but if Roland were to receive enough petitions for an "official" emulator, would they create it?

Re: I'm looking for CM-32L ROM

These are also MT-32 compatible, in the off chance that someone may own one: CM-32LN LAPC-N E-10/20 PRO-E RA-50 I'm curious, but which ROMs are required to use the emulator - control, tone, or both? If it's simply the control ROMs, the modified Blue Ridge versions can be downloaded from the net.

Re: mt32-to-gm Ready Sysex to use with midi-ox

"MT-32 to General MIDI This file contains a self-extracting archive that will rewrite the sounds of an MT-32 compatible device to the General MIDI sound arrangement. This file is compatible with the Roland MT-32, D-5, D-10, D-110, D-20, CM-32L, CM-64, LAPC-1 and other MT-32 compatible devices. This …

Re: The Roland CM-500 GS/LA Sound Module

I thought as much, the question is where to get replacement drivers. I can't simply copy the file from a later Sierra SCI-0 game into the earlier SCI-0 game becuase the drivers contain the custom sounds for each game. Yes, you can use the driver from another SCI0 game. The custom sounds for each …

Re: The Roland CM-500 GS/LA Sound Module

Great Hierophant, Your issue with the earlier Sierra games is not a fault of the CM-500, but rather the MT-32 driver used for these games. You will need to use one of the later mt32.drv files, which included support for the MT-32 AND variants. An easy way to tell the correct driver is to edit the …

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