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Re: About Roland Virtual Sound Canvas 3

I wonder if companding only applies to the hardware counterparts. I hadn't looked at the sizes of the VSC .DAT files prior to now, but assuming we're still dealing with ~6MB of uncompressed data (as concerns the 1.72MB VSC55.DAT file), there's a greater reduction in size than what 2:1 companding …

Re: New sound card project: AWE64 Legacy

I imagine that the 49,716Hz digital output from the OPL core those cards gets re-sampled to 44.1 KHz for SPDIF output, or does it and if so how ? The output sample rate of the OPL3 does get converted by the EMU8000, but the exact means (presumably) remains speculative. There was a whole thread …

Re: MT-32 PCM list

digger wrote on 2020-08-26, 21:19: Interesting. Until now I assumed that since the CM-32L was basically an MT-32 with additional built-in sound effects, the original MT-32 wouldn't have a lot of those. Hope I'm not misunderstanding the comment, but just to clarify, the "Bank 2" waveforms in the …

Re: MT-32 PCM list

Anyway, just for the sake of curiosity, do you have any information on where the list is compiled from which document? The information from Roland Japan was provided as a typed list in response to an e-mail inquiry I'd made back in 2005. I imagine it came from some internal documentation of theirs. …

Re: First dos sound blaster game.

Cloudschatze wrote on 2018-03-23, 02:32: Activision's "Tongue of the Fatman," 09/21/1989, also has latent (and working) Sound Blaster PCM support, beating-out Ghostbusters II by a few days. Hooray. And another Activision title takes the lead! - "The Manhole," with its 09/05/1989-dated executable.

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