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Re: Invasion of the Mutant Space Bats of Doom

Thanks for replying. The game does indeed freeze up completely when I try to run it using a DOS bootdisk, but I definitely remember that it ran properly back on my old 486 or so. If Zone 66 (which was very strongly dependent on features in old hardware) can be made to work, perhaps getting this to …

Invasion of the Mutant Space Bats of Doom

Motherboard: ASUS TUSCL-2 Processor type and speed: Celeron 1.3 GHz Amount of RAM: 256 MB Video board: ATI All-in-Wonder Pro, 8 MB Sound board: SoundBlaster Live Operating system: Windows 2000 The bosses do not seem to be appearing in Invasion of the Mutant Space Bats of Doom. (I've tried 2.5 …

No Deletion Confirmation

I noticed just now that in DOSBox 0.61, there is no confirmation prompt for "DEL *.*", as there is in other flavors of DOS. Will this be changed? (I noticed "COPY ..\*.*" doesn't work either.)

Re: SoundBlaster autodetect in Lemmings 3D

in DOS
Interesting. Thank you. I gather there are no messages of interest when you start the game? Apparently, you can adjust the size of the sound buffer with the "sn" switch (ex. "L3D s32), where n is a number from 0 to 64. Perhaps that is worth a try.

Re: SoundBlaster autodetect in Lemmings 3D

in DOS
6-level winter demo? I haven't heard of that one. Could you tell me where you found it? I had this happily running on an old DOS box a number of years ago. In fact, I still have the manual handy. Have you tried running the Setup program? Also, do you have EMS enabled?

GUSemu difficulties

in PC Emulation
Mainly out of curiosity, I downloaded GUSemu the other day. The problem is, I can't seem to get it to work. Here's the sequence of events: -I start GUSemu using Start->Run. -I open a new DOS window. -I change to the directory where I unzipped the sample GUS apps provided at the GUSemu website. -I …

Re: DOS Games

in DOS
Well, his site has been around for so long that it would probably just confuse everyone if he moved. Besides, he has various AOL tips too. 😉

Re: Im a NewB here. Just a couple questions.

in DOS
I have the rerelased version (that is, the jewel case version published by "Smart Saver") of Rayman, and it's really just the same old DOS version with a mostly useless Windows frontend. Those 386 files are not Windows drivers; examination with Quickview reveals that they are "HMI Detect Drivers for …

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