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Re: CRT and wrong colours

Guys, what’s the story behind brightness slider on CRT monitors? From what I see it doesn’t change the bright areas but it makes black look grey and that’s it. I’ll keep it at 0%. I’m right? Filename 43E312EA-235E-42B4-888F-EA7D1F4BD543.jpeg File size 145.81 KiB Views 499 views Filename 572B35A5- …

Re: CRT and wrong colours

Guys, thank for your advices. First of all I’ll let it work for some time, the we will see… Checked solid colours, on white I noticed these blobs. Does it mean anything specific? It’s hardly seen in reality, but still I wonder what that is. Filename AB5069F2-6E31-4C5F-B503-5CC94DD52581.jpeg File …

CRT and wrong colours

Guys, I’ve got crt monitor - LG Flatron F700P. Last time I saw these guys it was 2002 and completely forgot the experience. Wanted to try again for retro and deep blacks. This one was kept in storage, almost new. At least I was told such… I’ve attached one of my retro laptops and started comparing. …

Re: Homeworld vs. DirectX 7.1+

in Windows
Guys, I’m on a laptop with GeForce 2, directx 7.1 is installed. For some strange reason game looks worse in 32 bit vs 16. Why? I’ve got horrible banding in 32 bit: Filename DFDCB3C2-E832-4420-9010-3600711D8E8D.jpeg File size 599.27 KiB Views 282 views Or it’s a normal behaviour in this game should …

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