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DosBox on old maching

Hi, I'm trying to play System Shock from dosbox on Dell D800 (Pentium M 1600Mhz, 1Gb DDR, GF 4200GO 64Mb DDR, 80Gb HDD, Windows XP) Its playable in 320x240 with some lags :( Maybe there is somewhere a good guide on how to work with dosbox on old machine? And my config, maybe you will see anything …

Emulating 3d sound on old onboard soundcard

in PC Emulation
Hi, diagnose from AIDA on my onboard sigmatel cars (from latop dell d800) is: DirectSound Device Features: Certified Driver Yes Emulated Device No Precise Sample Rate Supported DirectSound3D Not Supported Creative EAX 1.0 Not Supported Creative EAX 2.0 Not Supported Creative EAX 3.0 Not Supported …

Old laptop, real dos, 16:10 screen

in DOS
Hello, I’m trying to setup my old laptop for dos. Original dos, not dosbox. But I faced a problem that on widescreen monitor, dos doesn’t follow aspect ratio and old games look stretched: Duke Nukem under MS-DOS: http://pp.vk.me/c619216/v619216184/1a5ba/fWyyfKd_rRM.jpg and under DosBox http://pp.vk. …

Re: Wrath Of Earth and memory problem

Use fixed cycles of around 10K (cycles=10000) to avoid flickering, and the FM music will work more reliably with that setting as well. WoE uses a 320x240 video mode with square pixels that don't need aspect correction, and enabling aspect correction in DOSBox 0.74 will cause the display to be …

Is it alive? I'm worried

Hello, according to wiki, Stable release 0.74 (May 12, 2010; 4 years ago) Is DosBox team up and working? Is there any reason why there were no new version for 4 years? Just want to be sure that there are team still working on best program in the world. Honestly.

Wrath Of Earth and memory problem

Hi, i've got one one game from my childhood, Wrath Of Earth. I had this problem before, in 1996 and i have it now (lol), when i'm trying to play it via dosbox i've got this error message: https://pp.vk.me/c618921/v618921184/158f3/_XKKDox1CdI.jpg What do i need to change in dosbox.conf to fix this …

CPU cycles, how it works?

Hi, i’ve got a very weird question regarding understanding how dosbox work. I’ve got 2 PC’s with quad core i7 cpu, one is mobile with 2300mhz, and another one is desktop, with 3300mhz. I’m testing Daggerfall, on default settings with 100% cycles my character won’t run backwards and jump like a …

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