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Possibly the best way to play Tombraider ever! :-)

I added 3D monitor support to Glidos (via psVoodoo) some time ago, but haven't been able to take advantage of it since I swapped to 4K monitors for work. Recently though, I've acquired a VR headset, which can simulate a huge cinema-sized 3D screen. That along with the new high-res modes I've just …

Re: Carmageddon/Redguard/Blood issues

Oh yeah, it's been so long, I'd forgotten. It's a pain to not have "Inhibit mode change" and it's not supported by OpenGlide. psVoodoo, on the other hand, hasn't been updated to handle all that the various games need. Not sure what's going on with Redguard. I used to find it definitely playable. I …

Re: Carmageddon/Redguard/Blood issues

The settings under "Extras" can make a lot of performance difference in some games, but if your settings are based on the defaults for each game then I doubt changing them will help. I think perhaps these problems were always present. The mouse problem I was unaware of. Glidos has a very complicated …

Re: Higher resolutions?

Hi Ken. The difficulty there is that the game itself is still generating the textured triangles that make up the display of the game scenes, and it cannot generate those outside it's original 4x3 view. 1600x1200 is optimal for a 1920x1200 display. You should have "Inhibit mode change" checked. …

Re: Descent 2 and Vdos32

For Glidos, you could stick the GlidosID in a text file on a USB stick to transfer it to your work machine and then bring back the unlock code the same way. Vdos32 will be problematic, but that's rarely used these days because it works only on 32bit versions of Windows.

Re: if(pyl + vdos32) = win

Sadly, vdos32 is a dead project. There seems to be no way to make it work under 64bit versions of Windows, so it is only a few people now who get to use it. When a cpu is running in 32bit mode, there is an on-chip table called the local descriptor table. vdos32 cannot work without access to this and …

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