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Re: Save States - Proof of concept

I'm getting errors compiling in ubuntu x86-64 ... In file included from cpu.cpp:33: ../save_state.h: In function ‘void writePODContainer(std::ostream&, const T&)’: ../save_state.h:183: error: expected ‘;’ before ‘i’ ../save_state.h:183: error: ‘i’ was not declared in this scope cpu.cpp: In function …

Lethal Weapon

Does anyone knows what is the problem that lethal weapon has with the keyboard? I tried turning off Joystick detection and the Joystick inside the config file, using core normal, even using the KEYB command, to no avail (the game is stuck at the intro since it doesn't recognize keypresses). Its not …

Re: The Guide to the Ultimate QFG Character

There was a way to practice lockpicking in qfg3. I can't remember it but there was. (maybe your chest in the hotel). The real downer was climbing, that had only some places to practice. A way to get much better at some skill in short game time was to go to the big tree, or the peace lake and ( …

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