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Re: DOSBox Midi vs ScummVM Midi Question

The Windows MIDI option in ScummVM is a feature of more recent versions. I can't speak with 100% certainty on this, but I believe it is a translation of the original AdLib FM synthesis to MIDI software synth. Many of the older games that ScummVM supports have at least AdLib music, and since AdLib …

Re: Aspect correction in DOSBox

Ah, that does seem to be more like it! :happy: By changing correct_ratio=(100.0/525.0) to correct_ratio=(100.0/539.0) in my test build it does make for a pixel aspect ratio of (almost) exactly 1.2 on 320x200 resolution modes. Not that this would be a general fix by any means, as it was apparently …

Re: Aspect correction in DOSBox

I looked at render.cpp to see if I could find anything relevant; and as you've said, it's less than obvious what's being done, or why. I wasn't posting here to report what I felt was a bug, per se, as it's really a minor innacuracy... there is probably some rationale behind it, and I was just …

Re: Aspect correction in DOSBox

I thought you might ask for that eventually, so I was in the process of making one. Here is one from a fairly well-known game, including the window title and borders. It's using ddraw for the output method, normal2x scaler, aspect=true. As you will see, the contained client window area is 640x467.

Aspect correction in DOSBox

Hi, I use the aspect correction feature in DOSBox, in windowed mode (not fullscreen), using the DDraw output method, and I like the result: corrected display aspect ratio achieved with subtle vertical blending of the pixel rows. But, I noticed something unexpected. I expected the 320x200 screens to …

Re: TR1 FMVs in Glidos 1.38

After that last post, I just noticed something... the width of the screenshot is 640 pixels including the window borders. Paul, could the fact that the client window width is slightly less than 640 lead to this "seam" artifact?

Re: TR1 FMVs in Glidos 1.38

Hmm, this got a bit off topic. Paul pretty much acknowledged the thing is there, so it doesn't seem to be a "happens for some, not for others" kind of thing... although some people might not notice it. This is a screenshot of the Core logo FMV that I chose because it's not as easy to see the "seam" …

TR1 FMVs in Glidos 1.38

The FMVs in TR1 do seem to play more smoothly now with the VESA emulation in Glidos 1.38, but I noticed a "seam" running down the middle of them that wasn't in previous versions. I'm not really sure how to describe it; it's not a gap, more like a column or two of pixels that are omitted and make the …

Re: Getting background music/ambience to mute

If the muting is being done by changing the volume level, I wonder if this is something that would be better done as an ehancement to VDMSound. For example, the volume control for the sound FX on TR's main menu works, but the "music" one doesn't. If VDMSound was translating the volume changes to the …

Using psVoodoo in Glidos with TR1

I've been using psVoodoo in Glidos 1.33rc5 mostly because I prefer that it doesn't seem to show objects through walls when the objects are farther away, as OpenGlide does. That secret-revealing "feature" of OpenGlide can create some pretty confusing views in complex areas like the Obelisk of Khamoon …

Re: Getting background music/ambience to mute

It's been too many years since I played TR in DOS to remember a muting (diminishing) of the volume of the CD audio like that; but I wonder how it would be accomplished. Perhaps the HMI sound system had a way to talk to the mixer controls of the various supported sound cards for that purpose?

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